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Tree Service And Tree Removal

Importance of Tree Service

Trees are some of nature’s blessings to us. They are a vital component on earth, and they are equally important to man, animals, and our environment at large. The little we can do to reciprocate the benefits of trees to us is through Tree Service.

Having beautiful, vibrant, and healthy trees around your property give you some good feeling about your environment. Trees add beauty to the environment, only when they are beautiful. These strong, beautiful, and natural creatures can also be affected by several external factors including weather, pest invasion, disease, and age. In situations like these, the best care you can give your tree is a proper tree service from a professional and licensed Arborist.

Importance of Tree Service

There are several ways in which tree service is important. Tree Service prevents dry or dying limbs and trees. Dying limbs and lifeless branches may stand as a threat to roofs, cars, power lines, and people. A proper and professional tree service includes pruning, bracing, and removal of dying limbs and lifeless branches to prevent harm from occurring in the environment.

Proper tree service can give your home a better view and an improved curb appeal. Overgrown branches may impede the view of your residence, but a proper tree service will maintain the tree growth and improve the appearance of the buildings around the tree.

Tree Service includes;


Pruning helps to maintain the health of a tree. It involves the process of removing diseased, dying, or dead branches to help prevent the spread of decay. Before a disease from a branch can spread to other parts, the branch is removed to curtail the extent of decay. Pruning allows for proper circulation and increased sun exposure which helps to breed a healthy tree. It also promotes the growth of new and healthy branches.

Tree Removal

Is one of the packages included in tree service. It is usually carried out by professionals. There usually come a time when a tree may need to be removed. There is no reason to keep dead and drying trees as they may have detrimental effects on the health of people in the environment. Dying and dead trees are removed when they become hazardous or to allow for new construction.

Hedge trimming

Is done to keep the tree hedges dense and compact. It involves getting rid of dead or diseased part of a tree. This is done to keep the hedges healthier and to allow for tree growth. It also reduces the risk of pest invasion or insect problems in the tree hedge

Stump grinding

Is a tree service that is kind to our environment. This process involves the removal of contaminated stumps to prevent the spread of diseases to healthy trees around.

Tree Risk Assessment:

Tree Service Chattanooga covers the assessment of potential risk in a tree. It helps to detect potential weakness before they escalate into some big issue.

Tree Service is highly important to the health of the tree and even humans living around it. A professional tree service can do us all a great benefit.