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Safety Tips For Tree Removal

Safety Tips For Tree Removal

Trees are removed for many reasons. It can be to make space for a new building because it is attracting or harboring wild animals or because it is decaying. Either way, when removing a tree, safety measures are critical.

Both for amateurs or professionals, you can never be too careful when removing trees. This is because where sharp chainsaws come in contact with trees, anything can go wrong. So when preparing to remove a tree, there are safety measures to be taken. These measures include:

  1. Wear the proper gears

The first thing to keep protected during a tree removal is yourself. Make sure you have all the gears required when taking down a tree. This includes safety glasses, safety hats, ear, and gloves. When getting your gloves, ensure that it can keep you protected from debris, cuts, electrocution and even bites from any insects living in the tree. Chaps are also essential to keep you protected if you accidentally drop the chainsaw. Other items to wear for your protection during a tree-removal include long pants and sleeved tops with quality boots.

  1. Stay on the ground

When removing a tree, the best place to be is on solid ground. Do not climb on the tree or stand on any object which you can slip off. You need both your feet on the ground as the primary plan is to get the feet to fall. To avoid falling along with the tree or getting hurt by it, you need both your feet on firm ground.

  1. Protect others

When removing a tree, it is essential that you carry out steps to ensure anyone around or any passerby do not get harmed by the tree. To do this, the first step is to find out how much space you will need for the tree removal and then place signs to mark off the area for anyone who might come close. When making measurements of the tree removal zone, make sure you do so appropriately to avoid errors which could lead others to harm. You can also provide people staying around that area with protective gears.

  1. Carry out research

If you will be removing a tree either for the first time or for the one-millionth time, it is always advisable to you carry out research on the area the tree is located. Check out the weather reports for that day, find out the kind of tree and the environment it is located. Also ensure your equipment will be good enough to carry out the tree removal.

  1. Have a partner

It is advisable that when removing a tree, you do so with one or two partners. You need someone to watch out for you and alert you if something is going wrong. A partner is also important to let you know when the tree starts to fall or to offer first aid if something goes wrong.

Thank you Atlanta Tree Removal for these safety tips.